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V. Capers Jr.

Who is V. Capers Jr.?

  • Native New Yorker
  • Attended New York Film Academy
  • Loves the entirety of the filmmaking process
  • Believes filmmaking is a team sport

Who is V. Capers Jr.?

My name is Vincent Capers Jr. and I am a native New Yorker. My city can stress out even the hardest of us. To relieve that stress, I did something different. I didn't buy a convertible or get an age-inappropriate girlfriend. I went to film school and discovered I enjoyed the entirety of the filmmaking process.

I love collaborating to elevate a story from its blueprint, into a film that is fresh, inventive and thought provoking.

What is Out of Williamsburg?

  • Explores the violation of a mother's love
  • Social commentary on homelessness and gentrification
  • Uses horror conventions in new ways
  • Plausible plot

What is Out of Williamsburg?

What would happen if during a powerful hurricane, a callous and homeless mother of two must abandon their vehicle when a tree branch crushes it and they break into a hoarder's haunted house to seeking shelter; but when the owner traps the family in a labyrinth of boxes, bins and knick-knacks, the mother must learn to be affectionate and kind before they are all trapped by an unforgiving ghost that wants to kill, and then, add them all to the collection - forever.

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  • Need your help elevating this story to the screen
  • Willing to learn
  • Driven to succeed
  • Find me at: capersjr.filmmaker@gmail.com